Introducing TasGRN

Introducing the Tasmanian Government Radio Network (TasGRN). A single, unified, and digitally encrypted, Government Radio Network to service the radio communication needs of Tasmania's emergency services, land management and electricity industries.

Network Features

TasGRN is a digital, whole-of-government P25 Land Mobile Radio network. This technology delivers public safety grade functionality and standards used for emergency services communications around the world.

Advanced Encryption

Sophisticated encryption technology encodes communication at the time of transmission, meaning that only authorised users with the correct encryption key can receive the message.

Coverage & Capacity

TasGRN will deliver improved network coverage and capacity to users across the state. Users within coverage areas will be able to reliably communicate clearly across vast distances.


As a whole-of-government radio network, TasGRN supports interoperability between User Organisations when operations or incidents require communication between agencies.

User Benefits

TasGRN offers users a range of benefits to facilitate mission-critical voice communications in a variety of environments and emergencies.



Any transmission that is intercepted by a device without the correct encryption key will be indecipherable.

Audio Quality

As a digital network, audio quality is less impacted by distance or signal strength when compared to analogue.

Location Services

If configured to do so, radio aerials have the capability to detect and transmit their GPS location.

Emergency / Duress

Each radio features a dedicated emergency or duress button which means help can quickly be dispatched.

Status Messaging

Users can send Status Messages to the relevant communications centre to report on current position or activity.

Managed Service

24x7 support from our Service Provider and their partners as part of a fully managed service.

*Subject to configuration

User Organisations

Network users


Radio network

User Organisations

TasGRN provides mission critical communication to 8 user organisations including Tasmania's emergency services, land management and electricity industry organisations.

Latest News

Stay up to date with the following project updates, news and articles relating to TasGRN.

Operational Readiness

The TasGRN Project reached a significant milestone as of Wednesday, 5th July, with the TasGRN State Steering Committee conditionally endorsing the TasGRN Notice of Operational Readiness.

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DMRTS Test Commissioning

Telstra conducts a trial deployment of a TasGRN Deployable Mobile Radio Transmission Site - In this video, Andrew Johns, Telstra Head of Service for TasGRN explains how these units will be utilised.

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Better coverage = Better safety

Hydro Tasmania employee, Brett Brady, discusses poor coverage in the South West. In this article, he recounts an on-site emergency that the increased coverage from TasGRN could have improved.

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Improved coverage for STT

Sustainable Timber Tasmania work in some of the most remote locations in Tasmania, which makes communication challenging. STT have been testing the new TasGRN radios with impressive results!

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TasGRN on Flinders Island

Representatives from Tas Fire Service, State Emergency Service, Ambulance Tasmania, and TasGRN flew to Flinders Island to onboard TasGRN Super Users and Change Champions.

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T20 Cricket

Tasmania Police gained early access to conduct a trial of the TasGRN at the T20 World Cup Cricket in Hobart, allowing them to evaluate the network and equipment in an operational environment.

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