T20 Cricket

The TasGRN is a collaborative project to transition Tasmania’s emergency services, land managers and electricity operators onto one unified, digital, secure, and interoperable radio network.

The single unified radio network brings with it many benefits, including increased coverage, improved voice clarity, encryption, and interoperability across all user organisations adopting the new network and equipment.

Recently, Tasmania Police gained early access to conduct a trial of the TasGRN at the T20 World Cup Cricket in Hobart, allowing them to evaluate the radio network infrastructure and equipment, including services, in an operational environment.

The trial was conducted over 8 days and involved 74 frontline Tasmania Police members, equating to nearly 1000 hours of the radio network and equipment trial activity time.

The early access trial created an opportunity to evaluate and validate business processes, training material, change management and configuration requirements, and identify improvement opportunities.

Tasmania Police acting Deputy Commissioner, Adrian Bodnar:

“The TasGRN will strengthen our ability to keep Tasmanians safe because the world-class digitally encrypted radio communications network will significantly improve our voice communication and security.
It will also simplify and strengthen our ability to communicate with other emergency services and emergency management stakeholders.

Being able to conduct this early access trial in collaboration with Telstra and Motorola Solutions demonstrates how advanced the infrastructure and technology supporting the TasGRN project is, and the success shows how robust this network already is."
The state government is to transition fully over to the TasGRN later this year.